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Bob Edwards, who still drives on a regular basis, was 17 years old when he got his license. That's not the shocking part. The shocking part is he was 17 in 1925.

Edwards, who lives in New Zealand still takes a trip to pick up groceries every Sunday plus picks up the newspaper, visits friends and travels to medical appointments, according to

The veteran driver has only been involved in one traffic accident, and has received only one speeding ticket. He even continued to drive after breaking a hip a few years back. To save you the math, he has been driving for 88 years.

Edwards does not hold the Guinness record for oldest driver. That honor is held by an American. Fred Hale, Sr. drove until he was 108.

Now before you grumble about the reputation that older drivers cause traffic or accidents, a spokesperson for the New Zealand Transport Agency reminds us that younger people cause more accidents than older people.

Here in the Garden State, it's not the age of the driver that matters, it' seems to be the speed of the vehicle. It's almost a Jersey Shore tradition that if you're in a hurry, you will inevitably get behind the one car in the whole state going the speed limit. It never fails.