It was 1985 when Jonathan dropped his message in a bottle into the Atlantic Ocean, and if Croatia was it's intended destination, it has arrived.

According to, a kite surfing club had gathered on a beach in Croatia to do some clean up work when one member of the club came across the bottle. When the note was taken out of the bottle it read, "Mary, you really are a great person. I hope we can keep in correspondence. I said I would write. Your friend, Jonathan".

On the surface that sounds really sweet. But the more I thought about it, the more I felt bad for poor Mary. She clearly met Jonathan and hoped he would stay in touch. But rather than use a phone or traditional mail, both of which I'm pretty sure were available in 1985, Jonathan chose the slightly less efficient "message in a bottle" approach. Talk about avoiding committment! Seems like a typical guy move.

Mary probably waited 28 years just to hear from Jonathan. Well, I guess he used the old 30 year rule. You know, you don't want to seem too eager. And remember what your friends always say, if he wanted to get in touch with you, he would have. 

I'm sorry, I'm taking something very sweet and turning it into something not so sweet. I really do hope both are ok and that Mary finally gets her message. After all, that bottle travelled 4000 miles to get there!