I LOVE the Olympics. Every two years, I get super excited for it, though I admit, I tend to prefer the Summer Games.

Here's 5 reasons why you should watch this year:

Okay, this is a cheap shot, but whatever. Support our country.

There are 20 athletes representing Jersey in London. Four of them are from our area. Christie Rampone (Soccer) from Point Pleasant, Steven Gluckstein (Gymnastics) from Highlands, Heather O'Reilly (Soccer) from East Brunswick, and Connor Jaeger (Swimming) from Fair Haven. Find out when to watch them here.

3.The Opening Ceremonies

Titled "The Isles of Wonder", this year's ceremony will be held this Friday, directed by Oscar winner Danny Boyle. The set will include real grass and soil, to help depict the British countryside, with performances that will include mosh pits, a rock festival, and a short film with Daniel Craig as James Bond.

The ceremony will close with a performance by Paul McCartney. It's going to be amazing, they always are.

During the Games, you find out the sacrifices that these people give up in their quest for glory. They are some of the most inspiring stories you'll ever hear, and they will motivate you to try and achieve all the things you think are impossible.

Let's be serious. I only really watch men's swimming for one thing, and it's not the water. (Ryan Lochte, I love you.)

Women's gymnastics is my favorite event, and I can't wait for it all to begin. The track events are usually pretty exciting too. There's so many different sports, you're bound to find one you'll enjoy watching!

What's your favorite Olympic event?