I was on the air when it all started, and in many respects, it seems like just yesterday. Calls from frightened people trying to make sense of something that was incomprehensible. News flashes that seemed to change by the second. Announcements that were too surreal to imagine. Our friends, family and neighbors enduring something we wouldn't wish on our worst enemy.

In the years since I have met so many people who lost loved ones, who's lives were shattered and changed forever. And in the years since I've also seen the best come out in people. I've seen generosity and togetherness that I had never seen before. I've seen patriotism at a whole new level. People actually sing the Star Spangled Banner and God Bless America, and they sing it with extra meaning.  

We all wake up with heavy hearts today, and we all wonder what we can do or how we should feel. I think that is a very personal decision, and each person knows their own heart. For me, I will spend the day today thinking of those we lost and the families who will never be the same. I will be remembering the troops and their families. I will be thankful for them and for our police, fire and emergency workers. And I'll try to remember to never take the people I love for granted.

That's how I make sure I will never forget.