92-year-old great-grandmother Diane Taylor of the UK went to a liquor store to purchase whiskey (as she had undoubtedly done many times before) and was promptly refused because she had no ID on her.

She, as most would do, thought the clerk was joking with her, or that she had misheard. She did show a bus pass proving her status as a person over 60, but apparently that wasn't good enough, nor were her many wrinkles from decades of life experience.

I'm all for safety and keeping minors away from booze, but I'm 26 and I rarely get carded. Taylor herself said she hadn't been asked for ID since she turned of age in 1937. You mean to tell me a woman who was legal before the start of World War II can't in good faith purchase a bottle of whiskey?

Times like these I wonder if we have overregulated this world into oblivion...is common sense a thing of the past?