The New Jersey Hall of Fame has inducted some big New Jersey names in past years. Figures so popular that you only need to use their first name to know who they are. There's Bruce, Frank, Yogi, Jon, Buzz and Shaquille just to name a few. This year even more people who have made New Jersey proud will be honored.

This year's inductees include Michael Douglas, The E Street Band and Christopher Reeve. Get the full list of this year's inductees here. The ceremony, which takes place tomorrow night at NJPAC, will be full of touching tributes, amazing moments and plenty of surprises.  

You don't want to miss one of the most star studded events of the year in the Garden State. Make sure you get out to the red carpet before the show. I have had the honor of working the red carpet for a few years now and have met some amazing people, including Buzz Aldrin, Susan Sarandon, Jack Nicholson, Yogi Berra and Danny DeVito.

If you want a glamourous and fun Saturday night that celebrates Jersey pride, come out to NJPAC tomorrow for the New Jersey Hall of Fame Induction Ceremonies. Get all the details at     

We'll have plenty of red carpet and backstage coverage to share with you right here and on the Monday morning show!