What a treat this morning from our friends at Dunkin' Donuts! And you're gonna love it...but you can ONLY get this in Monmouth and Ocean Counties...and only this summer!

Exciting news! This week, Dunkin' Donuts introduced the new Croissant Donut and it is absolutely delicious!!!! Imagine a glazed donut on the outside, and the light, flaky fluffiness of a croissant on the inside and you will love it as much as I did when I tried it in the studio this morning!

But you have to get these while supplies last, because each day limited amounts are made and once they're snatched up...you have to wait 'til the next day to get more!

So if you're in need of some extra delicousness in your day....and you love delicate, flaky, all-butter croissants and glazed donuts....this combination is just outrageously yummy!!!

I love when Dunkin' Donuts comes out with new items! Recently they introduced the Pretzel Twist as a great snack any time of day, they are bringing back the Southwest Steak Burrito which is a great breakfast tortilla, and, due to popular demand, they are once again bringing back the Oreo Donut and Oreo Creme Donut. No wonder my boys are always begging me to stop by Dunkin' Donuts!

You can find these wonderful food items at participating Dunkin' Donuts in our area because here in Monmouth and Ocean Counties we are spoiled! And we love it!