A Pit Bull ran for help in Ocean County when he realized her owner was having a problem.

Frank Delarose thought it was odd to see a pit bull mix (not pictured) running down a path at Double Trouble State Park on Friday, her leash dragging behind her.

He coaxed the one-year-old to him, picked her up, and started toward the park office.

But the dog was restless so he put her down. That's when she began pulling and tugging him down the path.

That's where he found the dog's owner unconscious. 51 year old Dona Timony of Beachwood had suffered some kind of medical episode while walking with her dog.

Police say she was unconscious but breathing.

Dona was taken to a local hospital, then airlifted to St. Barnabus in Livingston. Her condition hasn't been made public.

Meanwhile the dog, named Lilly, is with Dona's daughter. Dona had rescued Lilly from a drug house in North Carolina.