A two year old caused her family to get kicked off a plane.

The vacation was ruined for a family trying to fly to the Caribbean.

Jet Blue kicked them off the flight because their two-year-old daughter was throwing a temper tantrum. She refused to take her seat and continued to jump up and down on her chair.

Her mom said "We were holding both our daughters down with all of our might, seat belt on. We did what we were asked to do. We weren't belligerent, drunk, angry or screaming. We were just having a hard time struggling with our children."

The Jet Blue captain was not sympathetic and removed them from the plane before take-off. (CBS News)

I feel for the mom who couldn't force her child to stop the tantrum. It's easy to think you can stop a child under any circumstance, but in all reality sometimes you just can't.

On the other hand, I've also driven a car with two screaming toddlers (or nowadays fighting pre-teens) in the back seat and I can tell you it certainly increases the liklihood of being distracted enough to crash. You wouldn't want your airplane pilot in that kind of peril!