Diane and I knew we'd see my niece and nephew this weekend. How could we top the "World's Biggest Gummi Worm and Gummi Bear" we showed up with last time? It wasn't easy, but I think we pulled it off.

What could we get Sara and Sal that they would love and be something only an aunt and uncle could show up with? Easy, two 2 pound Rice Krispies Treats! That's right, 4 total pounds of sheer happiness!  You had to see their faces. The first thing they did was look over at their Mom with that "is this ok" look. Once they got the ok, they dug in!

I was hoping my sister didn't try to open it up and cut little pieces with a knife. What fun would that be?? You have to take a bite out of a two pound Rice Krispies Treat when you get a chance! And that's exactly what happened!

Great memories and great fun for Mother's Day weekend. Hope you had a great one, too!