From the category 'why didn't I think of that?' comes the Shake N' Share!

A college student named Justin has come up with a nifty idea for your movie theater tub of popcorn. It's a plastic lid that fits over the pocorn tub. It can be used as a bowl or to shake up the butter and salt.

If you can't finish it all, you just cover the popcorn and take it home!

He says he got the idea at a movie after seeing people spill their popcorn. So he took the idea to his father and two of them spent the past year developing and selling the "Shake N' Share".

So far they've sold about 220,000 of their popcorn tops!

As a mom who is constantly juggling that large bucket of popcorn on my lap as hands dip into it from both sides, and then finally putting it down on the floor only to have it kicked over, how could I not have thought of this simple idea?!! And since the lid also serves as a second bowl, you can divide it up and each kid can have his own bowl!