It seems to have been a good summer here at the Jersey shore. Icertainly hope so for all the local business owners and retailers. If it was a good summer, we owe a lot of it to the tourists, so thank you tourists! But...

... I did want to mention a few things to the tourists to keep in mind for next summer...

EZ Pass Lanes are lanes that are used if you HAVE EZ Pass...that's why we named it that.

Parking spots should be approximately the size of one car. If you are driving only one car, then only take ONE parking spot.

Keep right except to pass. The left lane is for passing. Here's a good way to remember it...if you are in the passing lane and people are passing YOU, then you're in the wrong lane.

Signal lights are used to signal a turn or lane change. Give 'em a try!

Socks. With a suit...yes. With a bathing

Just some things to keep in mind. Hope I helped.