24 hours ago the Facebook news feeds at the Jersey Shore were filled with the picture of two girls who stole a wagon after trespassing onto a Belmar family's property Labor Day weekend. None of us knew how emotional this story would become.


We would find out that the wagon that was swiped belonged to a 6-year-old boy named Alex Bean who suffers from cerebellar hypoplasia. It’s a neurological condition that left Alex missing parts of his brain. Because of that, he can not walk or talk.

Initially, Alex's mom, Tracy posted the surveillance footage that caught the two girls in the act on YouTube with the sole hope that wagon would be returned to her son. Soon after that, the story went viral and the Jersey Shore was on a mission to get Alex's wagon back.

Did the two girls come forward? Did they return the wagon? It's a very emotional story that is best told by Alex's mom, Tracy. She called into 94.3 The Point to talk to Matt and Laurie. Listen to the complete interview.

We're happy that many lessons were learned during this entire ordeal. We learned how the power of our community remains stronger than ever. We learned that the generosity and goodness of the Jersey Shore is second to none. Finally, we learned about compassion for others and how to forgive.

After speaking to Alex's mom, I couldn't help but be moved by her friendliness and positive nature. We all can learn from her, I know I did.

I am so proud to be a part of this community and speak to you everyday. We look out for each other and prove once again why we're "Jersey Strong."