We're always interacting with you on our Facebook page, and over the weekend we got a message from a very proud local mother.

Sharon Dellett of Neptune City messaged us this letter that her daughter Maddy had written when asked to write a neighbor what she was thankful for this year. 

photo: Sharon Dellett

Here's a quick back story.

Maddy's family lives on the same street as one of her father's coworkers, Matt, Matt started dating the girl across the street, Pi. Matt and Pi fell in love and now are engaged.

Tragically, another one of their coworkers lost his entire home in Ortley Beach during Hurricane Sandy.

After time, Matt moved in with Pi and convinced his landlord to rent his old house to Steve. Now all three of the coworkers live within a half block of each other and Maddy is very fond of all of them.

As Sharon put it:

it just shows how much kids care, even when you don't expect it.


Maddy Long is a third grader at Woodrow Wilson Elementary School.

photo: Sharon Dellett