This beautiful dog was rescued from a beach in Puerto Rico.

The Monmouth County SPCA brought a dog AND a cat to our studios this morning. Pachi is a beautiful 1 year old hound-mix and this is the dog I would take home if I could. She walks in, sits at your feet, and stares right into your soul. She is the sweetest, most loveable dog and I can't stand thinking that she might not have a home to share for Christmas. She even gets along well with cats! She is calm and insanely cuddly. Don't leave her alone for the holidays. She deserves a loving home and to share for Christmas.

(This is Mittens, photo by MCSPCA)

We also got to meet 4-year-old Mittens, who was rescued by the SPCA. This beautiful cat was declawed but is still as calm and sweet as can be. She even likes to drink water from a faucet : ) And she has an extra 'toe' on her foot (for those who like the technical term, she is polydactyl) orange furball to love.

To meet these or any of the other animals at the Monmouth County SPCA, you can visit them during adoptions hours or go to

732-440-1536 or 732-542-0040