Avon-By-The-Sea has had to give up some of its prime beachfront to make room for two bird parents and three of their eggs!

As I was running on the boardwalk recently, I noticed what looked to me at first like trash -- a bright, neon looking toy and some black and white litter around it.

On my way back, I realized that the area had been fenced off (right around the volleyball posts) and that there was a sign. As I approached on the sand...I realized that a rare bird had landed and decided to stay there to give birth (which could take approximately three more weeks until hatching) and that this was a serious situation!

I spoke with town administrator Tim Gallagher this morning and he gave me the scoop. It turns out that a bird that is rare and would normally not have chosen the Avon beach to do nest, but, nevertheless, there they are. The baby daddy is the bodyguard/bouncer.

(This was the closest I could get with my cell phone at dusk, so the picture isn't as good as it could be with a good camera's zoom lens. Photo by liz jeressi)

These birds are called Oyster Catchers and are a protected species with long, SHARP, bright red beaks that are used to open oysters and clams -- or to break the shells if they can't open them. SO...just imagine what these birds could do to your SKULL if you were to get too close!

In fact, Tim says that the birds are very aggressive and if you get too close for their comfort, the bodyguard bird (or both birds) will circle you until you leave!

(photo by liz jeressi)

The Fish & Wildlife department came to check on them and put up a sign, but the town didn't feel that was enough protection considering the summer beach and tourist season is in full swing, so the public works department added the storm fencing, with openings to allow the birds to enter and exit should they not want to fly in and out.

It still doesn't seem like enough protection to me -- or allow for any privacy -- but if you just look at them from the boardwalk with binoculars it could be a pretty cool lesson for your kids! Just don't get too close. Use your zoom lens instead of approaching on the sand.

If you see any activity, please feel free to let us know!

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