Their family dog was lost during hurricane Sandy. It's a sad story, with an incredible twist at the end.

The family searched and searched. And after a year and a half, gave up hope in finding their dog Reckless.

They finally made the decision to adopt another dog. So they headed to the Monmouth County SPCA where they met with an adoption counselor to plan to meet some dogs that were up for adoption that might suit their family.

The adoption counselor really listened to what they had to say, then brought the first doggie candidate into the room....and it was THEIR DOG!!!!!

It turns out their dog was brought into the Monmouth County SPCA last November. The staff called him Lucas. He was looking for his forever home, just like all of the other animals that the MCSPCA so lovingly cares for.

Volunteers even said it was like this dog had looking for someone specific all along!

Turns out...he was.