People struggling with weight loss have "The Biggest Loser"...and even our own office staff has a weight-loss competition taking place to help those who want to stay motivated and drop pounds. But what about your overweight pet? 

BluePearl Vets presents: "The Biggest Shedder" Pet Weight Loss Contest to help your obese pet shed pounds and be healthy.

"The Biggest Shedder" is a nationwide pet weight-loss competition open to your cats and dogs! It's meant to encourage and motivate you to help your furry companion get to a healthy weight. It's open to any pet owner with an overweight cat or dog. The first weigh-in deadline is February 13th.

Here's how you participate:

1. Take your pet to your veterinarian to see if he is indeed overweight. Then, with your vet's help, determine how much your pet needs to lose, come up with a plan to lose the weight, and figure out a realistic goal to reach by the contest end date of June 14.

2. Take your cat or dog to your vet for a quick weigh-in every couple of weeks and post your pet's progress. Prizes will be given away at each weigh-in and those who reach their goal by the end of the contest will be entered to win the grand prize.

The grand prize is a one-year supply of nutritious pet food for the winning pet, plus a prize for the owner. There will be additional prizes for weigh-ins, too.