We all went through Sandy, but the range of emotions we feel now is as varied and random as the extent of the damage Sandy brought to our lives.

Some of the most fortunate can sit back a year later and all they have to remember the superstorm by are the "where I was" and 'what I saw" stories of the storm. The lucky ones didn't endure damage or catastrophic loss, and many of this group were the first to help those affected more dramatically.

Then there is a huge group of people who dealt with flooding or damage and there lives were turned upside down for a period of time. This past year featured a thousand phone calls, tons of paperwork and the heartbreak of the items lost. Yet many people felt bad about being upset because so many people suffered much more damage.

And of course there were too many people who seemed to be in the middle of the Sandy target. They dealt with the utter devastation that Sandy brought. These were lives that would never be the same, and sadly, many of these neighbors are still dealing with the tragedy as if it happened yesterday. It is out of the ultimate respect for these people that those of us less affected feel badly about feeling badly about what happened to us.

The range of emotions is wide, and for many the pain runs deep. One year...in many ways it feels like 5 years ago, but it also feels like it just happened yesterday.