Sure , we have gotten some snow, but the thing that makes me yearn for a Jersey Shore summer is that horrendous, biting wind chill.

I can deal with shoveling the snow, and I can deal with the slow careful driving, but what I can't deal with is a wind chill that makes me feel like I live at the North Pole. So, I'm pretty much officially done with winter.

If you agree, you'll like these encouraging numbers. 31 days until spring. That felt good, right? How about this one...Mets spring training starts in 2 days, the Yankees report in 3 days. The Phillies kick it off tomorrow!

And then the big number. The number that will make me really smile. There are exactly 94 days until Memorial Day weekend kicks off. That ain't so bad! 4 days would be better, but 94 is pretty good!

In the meantime, I'll give you a number that won't exactly warm your heart. Thursday's wind chill will make it feel like 2. I should have left that one out.