Most of us didn't know or even get to meet Sammy, the cocker spaniel that was left on the side of the road in a black plastic bag in Wall to die last month. However, hundreds of thousands were by his side through social media cheering him on as he battled for his life. We anxiously awaited the next update from the dedicated staff at Red Bank Veterinary Hospital. The latest news on Sammy is bittersweet.

Sammy's going home (photo: Red Bank Veterinary Hospital Facebook)

It was a tearful goodbye as Sammy left Red Bank Veterinary Hospital with his new foster family. today. According to RBVH, he will be with other senior cocker spaniels that have similar energy levels. This foster family is a potential adopter.

The veterinarians at Red Bank Veterinary Hospital will continue to monitor Sammy's health closely.

The process of finding Sammy a new home was not an easy one. The Monmouth County SPCA was inundated with folks looking to bring Sammy into their homes.

It's important to remember that all homeless dogs, cats and other animals in shelters in Monmouth and Ocean counties have unique stories. Due to the nature of how Sammy ended up with American Humane Society and Red Bank Veterinary Hospital caused his story to go viral.

In lieu of donations for Sammy specifically, RBVH asked the kind people of the Jersey Shore to donate to their local shelter in honor of Sammy. As usual we didn't disappoint.

If you are looking to add a pet to your family, think of adoption first. Research your local shelter and save a life.