Adam Levine is launching his own fragrance line in May of 2013.

We've decided to join the ranks and launch our own "94.3 the Point" fragrance line too.

Well, that's a lie. But Adam really is coming out with a line, named 222, with a scent for men and women.

According to Women's Wear Daily, it will be released by the same company that made Selena Gomez's perfume.

PopCrush reports the prices will range from 36 bucks for one ounce, to 65 bucks for 3.4 ounces, with other products to follow.

As for the meaning of 222? It's the street address of the building where Maroon 5 recorded their first demo, and it's Adam's lucky number.

I really think we should come out with a signature Point fragrance though. What would it smell like? Awesome with a splash of swagger.

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