Being a Mets fan has almost always been a lonely thing. Lately, it seems like solitary confinement.

I put the game on at night and they try their best not to show shots of the crowd, mainly because there isn't one, It's as if the stadium announcer could introduce the crowd faster than the teams.

It's a shame, but we knew it was going to be a bad season. I just don't think we thought it was going to be this bad. Sure, we've had some exciting come from behind wins and we've seen some young pitching prospects, but we've mostly seen losses. Ugly, ugly losses.

So when you see someone brave enough to be wearing a Met's t-shirt or hat, or if you hear some actually admit to being a Mets fan, show your support. Be kind and try to remember all that person has been through.

The Mets...the team that proves that winning isn't everything. In fact, they prove that winning usually isn't possible. But that's ok, I still love them. That's what true fans do. And it's even more important to be a good fan when you're pretty sure you're the only one left. Hey, maybe I'm on the endangered species list.