The Belmar governing body once every year holds its meeting at Belmar Elementary School to get its young residents involved. So what do the sixth, seventh, and eighth graders want for Belmar?

The list of requests from the students include:

--- An arcade

---An ice skating rink

--- A swimming pool

--- A water park

---A walking bridge over Silver Lake (which the mayor says is an actual possibility.)

--- A splash park in town (also a viable idea, according to the mayor.)

The most do-able suggestion, says the mayor, is a skating rink in town. The borough has land at Dempsey Park on 16th Avenue that could accomodate a rink.

And if you think students can't inspire change, two students several years ago suggested a miniature golf course in town, and that idea will finally come to be this summer at the Ninth Avenue pier!

The idea that got the largest applause from the students was a request to make the beaches free to all residents. But the mayor says that by state law the borough has to charge the same price for beach access to both residents and non-residents. He also reminded the kids that the beach is still free for anyone under the age of 15.

The mayor told the students that the governing body will look into some of their ideas in the months ahead.