As Valentine's Day gets closer and closer, we thought we'd share some romantic proposal stories. Hey, they might even inspire some question popping here at the Jersey Shore.

Today's story involves a couple named Alex and Katie. On the big day, they were doing some hiking in Oregon at Mount Hood National Forest, according to The couple made their way to a peak, and then Alex told Katie he loved her. It was the first time he actually said it.

He then dropped to one knee to ask the big question. it was almost perfect. Almost, because neither had brought their phones or a camera to capture the moment. It wasn't until later that they found out another hiker had noticed them on the peak at their very special moment and started snapping pictures.

The guy taking the pictures didn't know who the couple was or how to get in touch with them, so he posted them on Facebook, Reddit and Instagram, and of course it went viral. One of Alex's friends saw it, and the rest is history!!