I've asked before, and I'll ask again...does every rain event have to be a monumental storm this summer?

I had a video shoot  in Middletown yesterday and the minute we got there the sky opened up. I turned around to the guys and said, "Let's wait it out a few minutes, it will probably pass." What was I thinking? This is summer 2012. Nothing just passes. It has to rain harder than ever and the thunder has to be louder than ever or the lightning has to be scarier than ever. After an hour, we packed up and rescheduled.

As I was driving home the rain got harder and harder. The Parkway is not exactly a great place to be in that weather, but I have to admit, drivers were really behaving themselves. They didn't have much of a choice..visibilty was about 50 feet. Lots of people had their hazard lights on and who could blame them. As I was driving, I was thinking to myself that before this summer, I couldn't remember the last time I saw so many people using hazard. I've seen it three times this summer.  

I got home and Point Pleasant wasn't immune. Roads were flooded and things in my yard were knocked around a little. Then I remembered that it was the anniversary of  the hurricane last year and I started thinking that this was certainly better than that. Then I thought about the people on the Gulf Coast preparing for Isaac and I decided to stop complaining.

Our thoughts are with everyone preparing for Isaac or have already experienced it.