I couldn't help but think yesterday as I was absorbing the details of the Point Pleasant Beach story that somewhere along the line the TV show Jersey Shore may be creeping into the mind of decision makers up and down the Jersey shore.

I have no idea if it was in the mind of decision makers in Point Beach, but would it be that much of a stretch to think it was? We've all seen the controversy the show has caused regarding the reputation of the shore, and we've all seen how the show can turn a town upside down. Some towns flat out refuse the show and others embrace it.

I have spoken with business owners and residents in Seaside and it's really amazing how split they are. Some love the business it brings and others think it's bad for business. Many residents think the show has brought the wrong kind of attention to the town, and hurts tourism, especially family tourism.

With all that rolling around in all of our minds would it be surprising that town leaders are concerned that their towns might get "Jersey Shored"? And, would they be wrong for worrying about it?