Was that Bigfoot that was recorded shreiking and grunting in the Blue Mountains of Oregon? Some people who have heard it say it's proof that Bigfoot exists.

We have all seen famous videos of the alleged Bigfoot walking through the woods, as well as some shadowy (and maybe shady) photos of what people claim to be there evidence of a Bigfoot sighting.

Now there is even a TV show dedicated to searching for Bigfoot and investigating alleged sightings. So is this new audio tape any different than all the other stuff we've heard about? Could this be the real thing?

The recording is not the first time the screech has been heard. According to yahoo.com, the weird sound has been reported in the area since November. Some people say they've examined the audio recordings and they could not have been made by humans, others say the sound could simply be coming from coyotes or foxes. Either way, the Animal Planet show Finding Bigfoot has been checking it out for months, and so far has found nothing. 

So, does this make you believe, or just make you chuckle?