Experts seem to want to give you advice on everything these days, and today is no exception. Today you can learn how to flirt better.

I have noticed that some of the "tips" that are generally offered by experts are just common sense. When I started to read this flirting advice reported at, I was thinking that very thing. The first three suggestions were make eye contact, smile and say hello. Not exactly groundbreaking stuff there.

But as I got further into the advice, some things were a little more insightful, so I thought I'd share. For example, experts say stop thinking too much. Don't worry about having the perfect line or looking perfect, just go for it.

And here's a good one. Don't be too quick to judge him. He may say something that makes him seem "less than perfect" just because he's nervous, according to the experts, but don't write him off just for that.

The experts also say a little body language is a good thing. Once you've broken the ice, lean in a little to let him know you're interested.

Well there you have it. More expert advice. Hope it works!