We heard last week that way more people were still waiting for insurance money from flood damage in the wake of Sandy than most imagined. As we try to recover from one of history's worst storms, how many of us have gotten the help we so desperately need?

Of course, no one needs to tell us just how hard we were hit here in Monmouth and  Ocean Counties, and a reported 40% of Sandy insurance claims are waiting for a final settlement. Some areas have have started the bounce back and some have only just begun. So many of us wait helplessly as we hope today is the day we receive the money we need to get the rebuilding of our lives underway.
Some companies handling flood insurance claims have said a lack of adjustors is part of the problem. Are you still waiting for insurance money from flood damage? We want to get a picture of what the situation is like today here in Monmouth and Ocean Counties, so please take a minute and take our poll.