Some experts say you could be wearing the wrong color for your skin tone!

People whose job it is to sell you lots and lots of nail polish products claim that there's a good chance you're wearing the wrong nail color for your skin tone.

The Butter London "Global Color Ambassador" seems to have figured all this out. And since they went to all this trouble to make sure your nails perfectly enhance your knuckle complexion, here are the colors they say you should and should not use, based on your skin tone:

-- If your skin has pink or red undertones like Cameron Diaz: Stay away from the pink and red polishes. Instead, use sheer, soft neutral colors.

-- If your skin is very fair like Anne Hathaway's: Stay away from dark beige colors. Instead, use pastels.

-- If your skin is tanned like Jennifer Aniston: Stay away from gold and brassy colors. Instead, use pale browns, light blues, pinks and purples.

-- If you have a medium dark complexion like Kerry Washington: Stay away from pastel colors. Instead, wear oranges, purples, or reds.

-- If you have an olive skin tone like Mila Kunis: Stay away from pale colors. Instead, wear colors with gold undertones.