The Asbury Park City Council will decide tonight what to do about an almost 50 year old ordinance banning bathing suits on the boardwalk.

The law hasn’t been enforced and officials say no one will be penalized for wearing one.

This is something that was just brought to our attention out of the blue,” Mayor Ed Johnson told the Asbury Park Press. “It’s an ordinance from the 1950s and is obviously something no one needs to worry about. It’s something the council will be prepared to deal with tomorrow.”

The Council is expected to take the law off the books.

A protest-turned-party about unenforced laws is planned for Saturday in Asbury Park.

Louise Murray is the head of the Asbury Park Republican Party and she appealed to the city council to enforce the ordinance which was adopted over 40 years ago.

Specifically the ordinance states “No person clad in bathing attire shall be on the boardwalk or the public walks adjacent thereto.”

Murray tells The Star-Ledger she’s worried that allowing boardwalk bar and restaurant patrons to wear skimpy attire threatens Asbury’s “classy” image.