We had a visit from some students from Asbury Park High School, who are members of the Drama Club, and are starring in the upcoming show "Always A Bridesmaid" at Asbury Park High School.

Laureen Howell, the drama teacher and director of the play joined us along with three of the girls who will star in the show, Ontasia Stanton, Quanique Smith and Kadijah Valentine, and they were all ready for the big shows which are happening at Asbury Park High School this Thursday, Friday and Saturday at 7:00pm.

The tickets for the show are only $5 and can be purchased at the high school just prior to the shows. If you want more info, visit the Asbury Park Schools Facebook page, and if you'd like to help the drama club financially, you can get all the details on that by visiting the Asbury park Board of Education, located at 603 Mattison Ave. in Asbury Park.