Originally made in 1888, the historic Asbury Park Palace carousel is for sale on eBay.


The carousel is complete with all 72 replacement animals. In the ad, the seller is asking for $250,000 for the amusement in as-is condition. It also must be picked up at an undisclosed NJ location.

Brass Ring Carousel Company currently owns the ride and they say that they would love for it to go back to Asbury Park after the Palace went out of commission in 1988, but they can't hold onto it forever.

The amount of history associated with the carousel is amazing. It was a centerpiece at Asbury Park's Palace for over 100 years!

Live bands would play outside to entice visitors to take a ride.

Historians and residents alike feel that the carousel should stay put in Asbury, as it's a big piece of boardwalk history.

A Facebook page called "Save The Old Palace Carousel from Asbury Park" has been started. In the meantime, anyone local have $250,000+ lying around?

Check out footage of the carousel from 1977!