So maybe you aren't a fan of going to a doctor's office and getting stuck with a hundred needles. Well there's a new kit that you'll soon be able to use at home!

We already have access to at-home pregnancy tests and at-home drug tests. even offers an at-home DNA test.

Now federal officials have cleared the way for an at-home allergy test!

MyAllergyTest (website under construction and coming soon) will offer results for ten common allergens, including cat, egg white, house dust mites, milk, mold, ragweed, wheat, Bermuda grass and Timothy grass.

For $49.99 you'll get an at-home test collection kit, lab work, confidential results and a personalized allergy management plan.

Results are available within a few days on a secure website. The cost is really attractive to those who don't have health insurance, but is also covered under Flexible Spending Accounts and Health Savings Accounts.

The website will issue a personalized MyAllergyPlan report that offers guidance to help manage allergies. It also includes a physician finder to locate an allergist, and links to allergy management products.