In a surprise move, the Avon Board has nixed the longtime Pavilion's Lease. A sad day for all of us who have enjoyed years of summers dining in the restaurant, grabbing an ice cream cone, or shopping in the boutique.
According to the Manasquan-Belmar Patch, longtime Avon restaurateur Rob Fishman, owner of the Avon Pavilion, went to Borough Hall on Monday to show officials new blueprints for rebuilding the boardwalk after the hurricane.

He left without a restaurant.

That restaurant has stood at 600 Ocean Avenue for 23 years.

I have had so many beautiful breakfasts, lunches, and fine dinners there that I can't imagine it going away. Grabbing water, coffee, or ice cream made it a great gathering spot coming off of the beach, and the boutique was a great place to shop.

The owner says he  was stunned that his lease was revoked, since he had been working with the borough for the past three months on plans for the rebuild after the hurricane.

At the meeting Monday night, the Board of Commissioners — Avon’s governing body —- voted 2-1 to revoke the Pavilion’s lease. Mayor Robert Mahon and Commissioner Frank Gorman voted in favor. Commissioner Robert McGovern cast the lone vote against.

Area residents who have found out about this, as well as staff, all describe this news as devastating and shocking and don't understand why this is happening.

Those who love Avon Pavilion have rallied to fight for it. An online petition was hastily created aimed at demanding the commission reverse its decision.

People have signed on in droves. By late Thursday afternoon, the petition had garnered more than 1,000 signatures.

The Avon Pavilion’s Facebook page also encourages people to call or write borough officials to get the decision reversed.

Fishman, who also owns the Exit 98 store on the Belmar boardwalk, said Avon’s decision is exactly the opposite of Belmar’s approach, which is honoring the leases of all its boardwalk businesses.

I have already signed the petition. I can't imagine Avon without these lovely boardwalk places for us to gather and share our summer fun. That pretty little restaurant is something special and nothing else in its place will be the same.