Have you heard any unusual names these days? There are some pretty cool ones, as well as some ridiculous ones, that you'll be hearing more of this year!

According to Nameberry, a site for all things baby names, the hottest trends in baby names for 2013 are:

-- ANCIENT NAMES: Think Old World gods and goddesses, and mythological heroes and leaders. Look for these names to pop up - Persephone, Athena, Julius, and (Lou Russo's favorite) Thor!

-- HURRICANES: I highly doubt that the name Sandy will become a trend in our area after the devastation we went through, but apparently the repitition of a name like Sandy is statistically likely to increase the popularity of names that start with the letter S,  just as  names beginning with the letter K increased after hurricane Katrina.

-- MEANINGFUL PLACES: Thanks to celebrities like Reese Witherspoon naming her son Tennessee, and Chris Hemsworth naming his daughter India, favorite geographical places as names will be making a major appearance this year.

-- MAD MEN ERA NAMES: Expect to see vintage nicknames as real names, like Molly, Hank, Fay, and Monty!

--WILDFLOWER NAMES: Look for Poppy, Primrose, Thistle and Katniss, as popular flower and herb names become all the rage-- The Hunger Games influence is a major factor in this trend as well.

This brought to mind a name that Nancy Reamy's grandmother had...and many of our listeners liked it as well. Her grandmother was named after a rare flower: Nemesia. It's pronounced nuh-MACY-ya and Nancy's grandma was called Macy for short. Cute!

Do you have any unusual names in your family?