I was never a big fan of back to school. The mere mention of September gave me a stomach ache. I still get queasy when leaves crunch under my shoes.  I also get sad when I see marble notebooks.

It's not like I didn't do well in school. I did. And it's not like I didn't have friends. I did. It's just that waking up whenever I wanted to and playing baseball with my friends always seemed more appealing than math. So on the first day of school I cried. And I cried on the second and third days too. And the second and third week too. And I did that until I was a junior in high school (or college...I can't be sure). My poor parents!

My mom and dad tried everything, but I just thought it made more sense for me to hang out at home and watch a little TV. "Don't you want to learn", they'd ask. "I'll learn," I said. "I'll watch Wheel of Fortune".

Then my parents would say, "Don't you want to see your friends?" "Yep...at 3:30." How annoying was I? Of course by the time March rolled junior year of college I was fine...so no big deal.

Here's hoping September brings easier back to school days at your house this year!