It may have been rainy, followed by chilly weather...but the beach is still the beach!

Moods sure can get gloomy when Memorial Day weekend plans have to change due to rain, so it may have felt for many that Friday and Saturday were wash-outs. But then the sun came out bright as could be on Sunday, with perfectly clear skies, and at that point people were headed to the beach, despite the fact that it was pretty darn cold down there!

Living in a beach town, I saw everything from bathing suits(!) to doubled-up sweatshirts and blankets wrapped around some people as they were determined to be outside enjoying the fact that we have semi-recovered from the hurricane and at least CAN get back on the beach.

Dunes may be missing, buildings may have been torn down, fencing may remain around destroyed homes, and your favorite restaurants and arcades may not be standing at the moment, but with all that HAS been accomplished, it just felt great to spend a little while hanging out at beaches that have come so far, and that we might not take for granted as we once used that we know just how much we have to lose when we see the destruction that a hurricane can cause.

So enjoy summer at the shore, with continued hope that things will just keep getting better!