One of Red Bank's most popular restaurants is closing...and getting a big makeover.

Basil T's, on Riverside Ave. in Red Bank, is one of few brewpubs in the state, and it will close at midnight this Saturday, August 9th.

Laurie Cataldo

Sort of.

Vic Rallo, Jr. posted a letter on the Basil T's website explaining the change to the restaurant he opened with his brother and father in 1987. He wrote, 'Over the next month, Basil T’s will be transformed into a totally new concept.'

That new restaurant will be called Birravino.

Red Bank Green reports Birravino will feature smaller portioned entrees all under $24, craft beers, guest taps, and 125 different wines under $50. The new restaurant will be a nod to the way people eat in Italy, with smaller portions of fresh food.

I'd much rather have a small plate of amazing food, than a giant plate of less-than-stellar offerings, so I'm excited to see what the new place will be like. The last few times I went to Basil T's, I remember feeling like it was a bit overpriced, but the new concept seems like a great idea.

Birravino is expected to open September 1.