When Rachelle Atkinson went to get her wedding ring off the nightstand, she couldn't find it anywhere. According to digitaljournal.com, she and her husband thought that maybe their basset hound puppy Coraline might have swallowed it, so for several days, they had to check for it. (Yep, I think you know what I mean.) No luck, though so they had to take her to the vet.

Sure enough, the vet found the $4500 ring on an x-ray. Apparently it was too heavy to come out naturally, so the vet did a procedure to get it, and both Coraline and the ring are fine. On a recent visit to the vet with Zeus, my vet told me she's seen lots of weird things being swallowed by dogs, including dish towels! If your pet has done something unbelievable, funny or weird, share the story with us!