A beautiful weekend at the Jersey shore didn't keep people from heading to the theaters, and what a weekend at the box office it was! The unbelievable, unprecedented run of  The Avengers continues as it brushed aside newcomer Battleship to maintain the top spot at the box office.

Last Friday on the morning show, Liz and I were trying to figure out if Avengers could sqeak out a third week at #1 and who was still left to go see it. Apparently a lot of people.  It wasn't really even that close. The Avengers took in more than double what Battleship grabbed, pulling in $55.1 million. Battleship collected only $25.4 million. 

The records just keep falling for The Avengers. In only 17 days it has grossed $457 million, putting it at number 6 on the all time movie list. That's right, all that in less than three weeks!

The Dictator finished third with $17.4 milllion and Dark Shadows sticks around at #4 with $12.8 million.

I'll make this prediction. The run at #1 ends for The Avengers this coming weekend. I'm really going out on a limb with this one. There's a little movie opening this weekend called Men In Black III.