Beach owners are telling their side of a story of why they are against a dune plan that we told you about yesterday.

Flickr User angusleonard

Some property owners, who have homes on or right up against the beach, are refusing to sign the necessary easements to let the project happen.

John McDonough owns Ocean Beach Three in Toms River. He was one of the 30 who received a packet of information from the Township. He is refusing to sign.

McDonough says he already has his dunes rebuilt and it meets all of the necessary requirements and guidelines as set forth by the State Department of Environmental Protection (DEP).

"For the last 40 years, there has been talk about the government in New Jersey taking over all of the privately owned beaches. It's something that was argued through legislation many years back but thankfully, nothing came of it. Now, Sandy has given them the perfect excuse to try and swoop back in for our property."

While McDonough doesn't deny that dunes can be helpful during a storm, says they are not necessary.

"Since we have dunes already, this program wouldn't be a benefit to us. Other communities may find a need, but we don't."

"I don't need the government coming in here and dictating to me what can happen on my property," McDonough adds.

The project needs permission from everyone, so it does look as if it could be canceled at some point as a result.