We had Daphne, Charlie, and their mom Liz Nesnay on our show this morning. It's the last Monday that the girls will have their long, wavy hair. They'll shave their heads this coming Saturday, and go to school next week with bald heads.

Their mom, Liz, wanted a way to express her support for children with cancer and decided to shave her own head to raise money to help find cures for childhood cancer. When her daughters heard about it they decided to jump right in with their mom for such a worthy cause.

Liz says she's been asked if she will wear a wig or hats after she has her head shaved and she says the answer is: no wig (only a scarf or hat if it's a cold day). She says she wants to show her solidarity with the children who suffer with childhood cancer, especiallly the girl that caused her to want to become involved - 12 year old Madison Beggs (from Howell) who recently lost her battle with cancer.

Liz says that she, along with her two daughters, will show their bald heads proudly to walk the walk alongside of all the children who are suffering from cancer.

Liz's daughter Daphne is in fifth grade at Spring Lake Heights Elementary School, and her other daughter Charlie is in 11th grade at Manasquan High School. Liz is so proud of her two girls for doing such a brave thing.

For a $50 donation to help find a cure for childhood cancer, you too can shave your head alongside them at the "Shave It With The Shillelagh's" fundraiser at The Friendly Son of Shilleglah's at 815 16th Ave. (near Bar A). Registration is at 1:30 pm and the shaving event begins at 2 pm.

If you aren't brave enough to shave off your hair, you can come out and support the girls who are doing it...I'm sure they could use a lot of cheering and love. They will go last, probably around 3 - 3:30 pm.

And be sure to stop by The Point van for a chance to win prizes including tickets for Lady Gaga at Madison Square Garden!

If you can't be there but would like to make a donation, to to www.stbaldricks.org and donate to the Crazy Bald Heads team!