Making yourself look beautiful can be quite a time commitment, and a pain in the butt sometimes! So to make life a little easier, here are some practical tips for you to share with your besties.

-- Need to dry your nails quickly? Lightly spray cooking spray (like Pam)  on them and your manicure will be dry in a flash!

-- Use an aspirin mask to eliminate an unwanted break out. (I checked with a pharmacist about this and she agreed!) Smash up a couple of aspirin and add a few teaspoons of water to create a paste. Spread the paste on the affected area and let sit for ten minutes. You should see results immediately!

-- If your hair is super out of control frizzy or you haven't washed it in a day and it needs some freshening up, rub a dryer sheet over your hair! It will leave it smelling fresh and get rid of all your flyaways.

-- Hate it when your fake jewelry turns green? Put a coat of clear nail polish on all of your favorite fakes and they will stay silver forever!

-- Don't have makeup remover and your longwearing lipstick and waterproof mascara won't come off? Dab some olive oil on a cotton ball and makeup be gone!