There are so many amazing places to checkout a Jersey Shore sunset. But, "The Battle of the Beaches" is on and only one Ocean County and one Monmouth County town can take the title!

Last week we asked you to vote for the beach town in Ocean and Monmouth with the best pizza. It was neck and neck all week long, but with 41.53% of the vote, you say Point Pleasant Beach has the best beach pizza in Ocean County. Seaside Heights was a close second with 34.75% of the vote.


Over in Monmouth, Manasquan came out on top with the most votes for the best beach pizza.

This week, we focus our attention on Jersey Shore sunsets.


We all have our very specific spots to watch the beauty of a day's end. We're not asking you to tell us your exact location, just the town. Where in Ocean County can you find the best sunset? Vote below and check back next Monday for the results.