Black Friday is still 4 days (plus one rain/snowstorm + another arctic blast + entire HOLIDAY) away, and yet people are already camping out to be first in line for sales.

As Phoebe Buffay would say, 'the whole thing is wrong, it's sick and wrong!'

Last Monday --before the store had even posted a complete list of its deals -- one guy had already set up camp outside a Best Buy in Ohio, bringing a tent with a microwave, TV, and heaters. That can't be safe.

Fox 8 News

I'm all for getting a great deal, and Black Friday sales can be GREAT at helping you save money on holiday gifts...but...seriously?

People take 'shifts' holding their place in line outside stores, sleeping in tents in the freezing save a couple hundred bucks?

I am dying to know what these people do for a living that let's them take a week or more off of work to do this...and if they are unemployed...should they be buying a new TV?

I know, I know, I shouldn't judge, but I just don't understand it! Why give up so much of your life to save a little bit of money?

Plus, you would totally miss Thanksgiving by doing that! Am I the only person who wouldn't dream of missing that meal??

I'm so thoroughly confused by it all.

I suppose if you bring a group of people with you and it's more about the experience than the shopping it's kinda cool...but otherwise, it just seems so against everything the holidays are about.

This is also coming from the person who once spent many hours in line for a Cronut, so maybe I understand it more than I realize!

What do you think of shoppers camping out? How long would you wait in line for a sale? Tell us in the comment section below!