I have trouble following all of the 'great advice' I hear in news stories and from health experts. But I love Bob Harper and what he's done for people year after year on The Biggest Loser. So it will be a great honor for me to talk to him on our show tomorrow morning.

Bob has a new book out (you can't miss it...the cover is bright yellow and blue) called "The Skinny Rules" that talks about the simple, nonnegotiable principles for getting thin.

I have been reading it myself and it really does cut through all the information you've been bombarded with regarding weight loss and diet. It feels like Bob is speaking directly you...and you can just hear that southern accent coming through!

He also talks about some things that you may hold onto as fact that are actually not true. I was surprised myself by some of these things, like the fact that exercise isn't necessarily going to help you lose weight, no matter how many carbs you cut out! And that's coming from a personal trainer!

Listen tomorrow morning to hear what Bob himself says...and maybe it will be just the motivation you need!