It's absolutely not true, and there was no survey, but I was sitting here thinking what headlines Jersey shore residents would be most flipped out by and that one popped right into my head. I could think of more and I'm sure you could too.

How about this one..."Taxes Go Up Again." You can interchange "Tolls" with "Taxes" depending on which one would drive you crazier. Here's another good one.."Shore Residents Asked To Park Inland During Tourist Weekends". It's a made up headline but it still aggravates me, and I'm a little scared somebody might think it's a good idea!

Stressed yet? Try this one..."Parkway to Shrink The Number Of Southbound Lanes on Fridays". Or how about..."Jersey Shore Cast Photo to be Added to State Flag." Imagine waking up to this headline, "Springsteen Actually Born in Idaho".

If you have a funny (and clean) made up headline to add, just put it in the comments section!