A plastic surgeon is offering card players the chance to have a perfect poker face with his new Botox technique which he calls "Pokertox!"

New York doctor Jack Berdy has launched the idea of using Botox to allow people to gain an advantage in the game by hiding their emotions.

He says that very few people can maintain a real poker face. They have some tells, some expression that gives away that they have a good hand or a bad hand to an opponent.

So Dr. Berdy can hit them with doses of Botox in strategic places on their face to keep those expressions numb.

Why does this make me think that sooner or later some guy or girl in a relationship may do the same as a way of, say, not giving away his or her emotions during a fight in court during a divorce? Or when they want to hide something in their relationship from their partner? Or to just prevent fights by not giving away their feelings...Hmmmmm.....